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General Discipline::
  • MRCE emphasizes punctuality as a key concept.
  • We proudly uphold the tradition of a homely, informal atmosphere of freedom with responsibility, treating each other with love and respect. Our esteemed Alumni have set a high standard of conduct, and we have certain expectations for all.
  • The students must be present by 9:20AM and must not depart the campus until 4:00PM.
  • Students are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct and discipline both inside and outside the College.
  • Show politeness and respect to Teaching, Non-Teaching, and Administrative staff, as well as students.
  • The Principal shall have the authority to take action against student/s if they are found guilty of serious misconduct or if their presence in the College is detrimental to the order and discipline.
  • They must adhere to the disciplinary regulations established by the College. Any infringement of these will be handled by the Principal in whatever way they deem necessary, and their verdict will be final.
  • Students shall not organize any activities or associate with any outside group concerned with the College without the Principal's permission.
  • All college students should be wearing their college-issued ID cards during college hours and present them when requested.
  • However, students may make a claim for lost property at the Institute Office, provided the item is available there.
  • No gathering shall be held, no external individual shall be welcomed, no statement shall be released, and no promoting and rallying of the students for any explicit purpose shall be done without the approval of the Principal.
  • Posting and affixing of posters or any other materials on College property is strictly prohibited.
  • Those arriving late must provide a written explanation for their delay.
  • Consumption or use of alcohol or tobacco products is strictly prohibited in college and hostel premises.
  • The faculty permission is required to enter or leave the classroom during class times.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be used inside the classroom, corridor, library, and laboratories.
  • Making any false statement/s or providing misleading information will result in strict consequences.
  • No outsiders are allowed to enter the college campus without permission.
  • No celebrations by the students on college premises are allowed.
  • Failure to attend classes regularly, lack of interest in academic work and exams, being rude to teachers, disobedience, using inappropriate language or behavior, deliberately damaging College property, engaging in anti-social activities, etc. will result in disciplinary action, which may include expulsion from the College.
  • Those coming by their own vehicle must have a valid license, and those coming on two and four wheelers must wear a helmet and seat belt respectively.
  • The College encourages students to maintain their aspirations and ask for the support of their parents to lessen the need of implementing rules and regulations.
  • As per the Act 26 of the A.P. Legislative Assembly 1997, ragging is prohibited.

Roles and responsibilities of students:

    Students are expected to treat the College as their own and to contribute to its efficient and orderly functioning.

  • Students must observe strict modesty and decency in dress. Boys should wear formal trousers and shirts, or jeans and shirts. Girls should wear salwar-suits, jeans and kurtas. Neither boys nor girls should not wear T-shirts or torn or tight-fitting clothes. Girls should not wear sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, tight-fitting leggings, or any other tight-fitting garments.
  • At the sound of the first bell, students will go to their respective classrooms and remain quiet until the teacher arrives. Upon the teacher entering, the students should stand and stay standing until they are instructed to take their seats.
  • As a student, it is essential to have breakfast before the start of the first hour.
  • Destroying books of the library by tearing pages, defacing, or burning in any way is an offence.
  • Any form of ragging is a serious offense, both on and off campus, including in college buses, and is punishable according to University regulations.
  • Obtain prior permission from the HOD or Principal before leaving the college during working hours, and take a signed permission slip.
  • Indiscipline on the College campus should be avoided by refraining from loitering and wasting time in the canteen.
  • Do not create any cross talk or noise in the classroom. Please remain quiet and respectful while the class is in session.
  • Misbehaving in the canteen/mess is an offense and will be punished.
  • The student should assist in keeping the buildings and grounds of the institute clean and tidy, thereby upholding the overall ambience.
  • In order to be promoted to the next Semester, students must strive to improve and consistently perform well in their University/College exams.
  • The student attendance, progress, and conduct are closely monitored by every class in-charge and academic advisor.
  • All students are required to attend College functions such as association meetings, College assembly, seminars, group discussions, Industrial visits, Viva Voice, etc.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in computer labs and classrooms.
  • Wear a Blue/White Apron while working in designated Laboratories.
  • Consuming drugs, smoking, and drinking alcohol and tobacco is strictly prohibited.
  • All individuals who enroll in the Institute must abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute.